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Our first child, Hannah Karkat, was born shortly before 9 pm on May 12th, 2008 (Whit Monday). She was delivered (quite unexpectedly for both of her parents) via Caesarean section at the gynaecological hospital of Tübingen University.

Kanji Hannah


time of birth: 12-May-2008 20:45
in week 39 of pregnancy, 7 days before calculated date
location: Tübingen, Germany
birth weight: 2230 g
birth length: 47 cm

Hannah (or Hana) means petal, flower and showy, gorgeous in Japanese.

Mother, father and baby girl are all fine. Hannah coped very well with her sudden birth, started screaming immediately and looked around for her parents. Due to her low birth weight, she now has to catch up a bit, and is being monitored for infections etc. Yuko fell asleep after midnight, and is also recovering from the operation.

Ingo Karkat and Yuko Karkat-Shimbara

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Greetings, visits, presents...

Thank you for all your messages and well-wishes! We've settled into the new rhythm of life and are doing fine. You may also arrange for a visit now.

ingo, 07-Jun-2008

Hannah Karkat postcard