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Hannah has become much more active. Just calmly playing on her blanket doesn't cut it any more; she wants to explore the room; no nook or cranny is safe from her. She also tries her best to follow us wherever we are, although her mobility is still limited and very tedious. However, she's constantly working on her technique, and if she's really motivated to get somewhere (usually somewhere forbidden), she can crawl and lurch forward with surprising agility.

The following photos document what she's doing and what is occupying her parents' attention now all the time:


Hannah really tried to escape from the baby sling! By wiggling back and forth and taking advantage of the fact that the sling was rather loose, she suddenly flipped backwards and dangled head-down. Fortunately, she didn't fell to the floor, and we all were just startled.


Daddy has installed a barrier that will hopefully restrict Hannah to the upper floor and prevent her from tumbling down the stairs.


At a local second-hand market, we bought some new toys for Hannah.


If there is one thing that Hannah is magically attracted to, it's black power cables — and there are lots of them in this household. She wants to grab them, tug at them, and finally takes them into her mouth. She's really upset when we separate her from this dangerous object. How do we explain to her that this behavior is fatally unhealthy both for her and the electronic device attached to it?

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