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Hannah is finally moving forward, like a soldier crawling forward on the forearm. It's still slow and cumbersome, but it's clear how this will develop into effective movement real soon.


Breaking news: Hannah's second tooth just broke through! After her mid-day nap, we put her in the chair, and suddenly something inside her mouth looks suspicious. Now that explains why she's had little appetite over the past couple of days!


Now that the second tooth is there, Hannah's appetite has been restored, too. Today, she voluntarily opened her mouth and didn't struggle so much.


Hannah woke us up in the middle of the night (we went to bad late and only had had 1½ hours of sleep), and drank an entire bottle of milk! Her sleeping and eating rhythm is slightly out of step. Maybe the next set of teeth are responsible for this; Hannah's second tooth in her lower jar is now almost on par with her first one; she looks really cute with her two little teeth!


This evening, Hannah walked to her bedroom for the first time! Of course, we held her at her arms and gently prodded her forward, but she's now steadily putting foot before foot (well, staggering like a drunk ;-), and visibly enjoying every single step.


Today is Girl's Day (or Hinamatsuri in Japanese), a special day to pray for a young girl's growth and happiness. Hannah's grandparents have sent a large wooden box from overseas. It contains delicate (and very expensive) hina ningyo ceramic dolls that represent the emperor and empress. More information on this tradition can be found here.
Hannah excitedly participated in the unpacking and setup of the entire set (though touching wasn't allowed, she had to watch from a safe distance). She really enjoyed looking at those beautiful dolls. May they bring her luck and good fortunes! Thank you, Yoshiko-sama and Masahiko-sama!


The days of drinking baby formula from a bottle will soon be over; Hannah is having more "solid" meals, and will now be gradually shifted away from baby food to (mashed and lightly seasoned versions of) what her parents are eating. (And that means less salted and fat food, and more vegetables, daddy!)

It took less than four weeks for Hannah's second tooth to go from "barely visible" to "fully established", and the next tooth is already heralding itself.

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