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We're very tired. Hannah woke up just as we went to bed at 1:00, emptied a bottle of milk plus water, and didn't fell asleep until 2:30. To our dismay, she was wide awake, and started crying when put back to bed. We took her into our bed, but even there she protested and didn't want to lie down. Her crying became more and more intense; we suspect it's another round of teething. In the end she was sobbing so hard that she could hardly breathe, and we decided to give her a suppository against the pain. Within 15 minutes, she finally fell asleep in our bed.


Today, the entire family went to Hannah's birth place, Tübingen, by train. It was a very bright and sunny spring day, and we walked around the city center.


Hannah now routinely makes her rounds through the apartment, dragging one of her parents behind. She doesn't want to play on her blanket anymore, doesn't want to sit on the floor. The only accepted places are:


Hannah has fever again; probably, the trip to Tübingen (including a crowded commuter train back home) was too much for her, and her immune system has picked up a fight against a new virus. It started yesterday with elevated temperature (38.4°C), and developed into a full-blown fever (39.3°C) today. Fortunately, Hannah doesn't show any symptoms of a common cold yet and in general doesn't seem too affected, she's still eating and drinking well, and enthusiastically walks around the room.
The night was tough for us, though, as she kept waking up, drank a lot (which is good), then wet her pants (changing diapers doesn't help, as she often sleeps on her side). Yesterday, we were up at 2:00 and then again at 5:30.


Hannah's fever is gone, but she's still behaving strangely. She's very sensitive, the slightest thing can make her cry. Once she starts crying, it quickly turns into a shrieking, high-pitched sound, as if she has severe pain. It is impossible to console her, neither carrying around nor presenting her favorite toys does help. But then, suddenly, the crying stops, and she even sports a smile. We don't know what this is; it might be a painful inflammation of the middle ear, but:


This morning, Hannah again broke down in tears and couldn't be consoled. We really contemplated going to the doctor. But then, she had a nap around noon, ate lunch vigorously, slept for three hours in the afternoon, and was totally happy and fine throughout the day, even enjoyed a bath in the evening. We're still puzzled, but also very happy that she's feeling better.


Everything's back to normal, so it wasn't an inflammation of the middle ear, as we had hoped. Nobody knows what caused Hannah to be so sensitive, though.


Feeding becomes more and more difficult. Hannah is now constantly disrupting it by grabbing the dish or spoon, putting her fingers around or into her splotchy mouth, or picking up the crumbs that inevitably fall onto the bib. We need a lot of tissues to keep her hands (and our clothes) mostly clean. Sigh.


Spring has arrived, and we now urgently have to buy some shoes for Hannah, so that she can start walking outside. Right now, we only have felt shoes to warm her feet when we take her outside; the second-hand baby shoes we have are still too large, and she just stumbles in them.

Hannah has made funny noises and twisted her tongue before. Currently, she's practicing a new tic: Rolling one side of her tongue and licking her lower lip. Funny!


Today, we went swimming for the first time, as a dress rehearsal for Hannah's baby swimming course that starts next week. It was very sunny, so the indoor pool was deserted on a Saturday noon. Hannah didn't like the shower at all, and was hesitant when we waded into the children's pool. At 34°C, the water in there is colder than in the bath tub at home. Unfortunately, we couldn't persuade her to move her limbs or splash around on her own; she just timidly clung to daddy or mommy. At least she got used to the new environment after a few minutes, and stopped whining. At the break, she was really thirsty, and also got some cookies as a reward. We ended the 45-minute session with a dip into the jacuzzi, which was bubbly and very warm. That was more to her taste; totally tired, she even fell asleep in there on daddy's shoulder.
After returning home, she was unusually calm during feeding, and then quickly went to bed. She instantly fell asleep. That wet experience must have been really tiring!


We bought some tiny shoes for Hannah, and had our first picnic outside, on the lawn in front of the church. Hannah calmly sat on the blanket, looked at the grass, nature, and the people passing by. Both parents were able to read without the usual disruptions. We then took Hannah by the hands and walked around the courtyard.


Today, daddy took Hannah to the baby swimming course; mommy is still suffering from the flu. With the pram, we strolled over the small hill to Gültstein, facing a fierce 10°C wind. Unfortunately, when we entered the hot and damp indoor pool, Hannah immediately started crying, and so it was noisy in the changing room. Things didn't get better when we showered and went into the pool, where most of the other babies were already happily splashing around with their mothers (no daddies were present). In the water, Hannah first only drank from the bottle, and then reluctantly participated in the fun exercises. She preferred to cling to her daddy, didn't want to play with the other babies. At 31°C, the water was even colder than in the public indoor pool, but the unfamiliar surroundings and people probably frightened her the most.


It is beautiful sunny weather, almost like summer. Naturally, we spend a lot of time outside, and Hannah is eagerly watching nature and learning to walk.


We still use the baby sling when going outside; it's quicker than fetching the pram from the cellar. With a simple sling, it is very easy to mount and unmount Hannah, and she is able to freely turn her head and look around.

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