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Now that Hannah is not a tiny weak newborn any more, the young family has started to venture outside! After his final day at work, the annual company picnic provided a good opportunity to go outside, meet with friends, and present Hannah to ingo's colleagues.


Of course, Hannah is gaining weight every day, and she also doesn't sleep that much any more, and is very interested in looking around. That's bad news for her parents, who have to carry all that weight around the kitchen table ;-) Our solution: We bought a Didymos® baby sling: A soft, thick cotton cloth, 4.20 m long. It comes with printed and video instructions, and can be tied in multiple ways. If done right, this better supports the baby and ensures a natural positioning of its hips and legs. We also still use the Baby Björn® carrier, because it can be put on in an instant and when alone.

The biggest promise of Didymos: Finally being able to do something while still satisfying baby's desire for closeness and action. In fact, the more active one is, the less a struggle Hannah puts up. The looking around makes her tired, and she often falls asleep. The gentle movements then calm her and show her that her parents are still around.

visit at the office

Our next journey again took us to ingo's employer. This time to say goodbye, as ingo is now on parental leave. Many colleagues showed up and had some delicious cake with us (baked by Yuko). Hannah presented her best side and calmly watched the scene from her infant carrier. (Note that she also got a visitor's badge :-) We got some nice good-bye presents (baby tableware, music instruments, children's songs) - thank you!

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