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When lying in the pram, Hannah often turns her head from the left to the right, and back and forth. In this process, her cap often shifts its position, and poor Hannah ends up with reduced visibility. She doesn't seem to care, though, except for this one situation when a sudden loud sound awoke her abruptly…

Sometimes, it's not Hannah's fault, though. In the next situation, her parents were a little late for the next appointment, and put on the cap in a different way as stated in the manual. Quickly, Hannah's movements let the cap slip forward towards her forehead, until she had a perfect nightcap. Hannah made the best out of the situation, just let us be (in the hurry that we were in), and quickly fell asleep inside the car. Good girl!

We still have to support and hold her head, and Hannah likes to move her head around, especially when we're outside. Bad combination…

acting out

With children, there's always a reason to laugh: A funny grimace, a candid remark, a startled look. Kids are natural actors, comedians and entertainers. They really do their best to compensate for the occasional misbehavior, and quickly capture the hearts of everyone. Maybe because there's no pretending; nothing is fake.

In the evening, we're sitting at a fish pond at the local school, watching goldfishes, catching the last rays of the summer sun.


It appears that Hannah is now into Yoga; at least, she's now regularly moving into strange positions all by herself. But maybe it's just her natural curiosity and new ability to lift her head.

mug shot

We've already reported about the difficulties in obtaining a suitable photograph of Hannah. Now, we needed a portrait for Hannah's passport, and it had to meet the new strict rules for computer-readable, biometric identity cards. (Head straight, not sloped; nose in the middle; neutral expression, mouth closed, no smile, no shadows, opaque backdrop, …) (We are going to travel to Japan to visit Hannah's grandparents.) Again, it took many shoots and two attempts. On the first spontaneous session, Hannah was very patient, looked straight into the camera, but, well, wasn't exactly dressed for the occasion. She kind of looked like a convicted criminal dressed in a prison jumpsuit ;-) Fortunately, on the second session, we got a beautiful portrait of Hannah, which only required minimal corrections.
Daddy couldn't resist to exploit the first photo, and photoshopped a funny fake mug shot of his daughter. I sincerely hope there'll never be a real one!

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