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pram vs. sling

In her first weeks, Hannah always started crying when put into the pram, but then almost immediately fell asleep once we've been past the second street corner. Nowadays, it's the other way around: She calmly lets herself be put into the pram, and waits for us to finish dressing, put on our shoes, etc. Outside, she's looking around, and doesn't fall asleep. After 20-30 minutes, she then starts crying, and wants to be taken out of the carriage and carried around. When that happens, she calms down immediately, but just as quickly protests when she's put back into the pram.
One time, mommy and daddy had to take turns carrying her back home for more than a kilometer! Instead of the pram, we try to use the baby sling as often as possible, as Hannah really likes it, and it allows her to look around, and the movement often helps her to fall asleep. (But just as often she re-awakes when taken out of the sling.) Another downside of the baby sling: At summer temperatures, the thick cotton cloth (plus the baby's body temperature) is uncomfortably warm, and one starts sweating in the city or on long walks.

Hannah's nails grow at an incredible speed. We notice that it's time for the next nail manicure when she sports red stroke marks on her cheeks or nose (but, fortunately, often earlier :-)

Usually, Hannah enjoys the bath. But occasionally, it seems to be the wrong time, or she's frightened or upset about something, and she starts crying as we lift her into the water. Then it's very difficult to handle her, as she stiffens and straightens out. In such a situation, we only perform some basic cleaning and try to get her out of the water as soon as possible. If she could only tell us what's upsetting her…

active life

Say goodbye to the infant that only passively lies on its back, looking (or crying). Hannah's gotten much more active, wants to be where her parents are, and occasionally takes things into her own hands…


First turn from back to belly. So far, she can only turn around in one direction (left). By practicing this over and over (with us "resetting" her position), she can perform the turn in a few seconds. Her technique: Straightening her left leg while moving back her head. She's still struggling to free her left arm (over which she is turning), so her end position isn't satisfying yet.


First escape from hammock. We thought the hammock is a "safe" enclosure, but Hannah proved us wrong. She apparently didn't want to be there anymore, and when both of her parents didn't react to her protests immediately, she wiggled out of it. Fortunately, she just slowly dropped a few centimeters onto the carpeted floor. Her crying was more due to surprise than having hurt herself, and by that time we were already at the site of the accident. The sudden bong! sound had told us that something unexpected had just happened. From now on, we literally have to watch her every second (or build better enclosures for confinement ;-)


First word: Google. Hannah's been making sounds for some time. But today, the first (accidental) word (well, two recognizable syllables) slipped out of her lips. She seems to be very Internet-savvy already :-)

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