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Carrot pulp is very healthy, tasty — and very hard to wash away. In this particular situation, it not only found its way into the mouth, around it, and onto the bib; it also went on mommy's shirt!


Today, we actually managed to bathe Hannah without crying. This hasn't happened for months, and so we reluctantly had postponed each session as much as possible. This time, Hannah was still quite nervous and irritated, but with both parents (Ingo inside the bath tub and Yuko outside) calming her down and distracting her with toys, we were able to avoid a big eruption of tears. Hopefully, this doesn't turn out to be a lucky fluke; we really want Hannah to enjoy the washing ritual, not just hastily force the washcloth across her body.


Hannah spends the xmas holidays with her grandparents and uncle Benjamin, who sees his niece for the first time. On the train, Hannah got a seat on her own, and she slept most of the time lying in the baby seat we brought with us.


Before we leave, photos are taken. After 6 days, Hannah has grown accustomed to the unfamiliar faces — most of the time. She still starts crying when Benjamin gets too close to her; probably his (temporary) full beard disturbs her. She also immediately reacts when a stranger is in the room; then she is very calm and reserved, and sceptically keeps an eye on the new face. She only relaxes when one of her parents holds her.

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