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Since yesterday, Hannah has fever (38.8°C), no appetite, drinks very little. At noon, we fed rice mash with broccoli and meat, but Hannah spew out everything in one big blob in the middle of it. We think it's teething in combination with a general weakness from the journey back, as she has swollen, red cheeks and doesn't show signs of a cold. Thusly, we had to cancel our plans to celebrate New Year's Eve with friends, and stayed at home, mostly carrying Hannah around in the baby sling, so that she gets some rest.


Hannah caused the first household casualty: While in the baby sling, she grabbed the muesli bowls from the open cupboard (Yuko was putting away the dishes), and threw them on the floor. Result: Two broken bowls, two survived the fall, Hannah was a little startled, but unharmed. Her fever's down, too, and she's feeling much better today (but still has little appetite).

From today, Hannah sleeps in her own room. We first put her into the big children's bed, but quickly moved her to the baby bed that she's accustomed to. Still, we were woken up many times throughout the night: Sometimes she took a few sips from the milk bottle, but most of the time she immediately fell asleep again at one's shoulder.


Second night of separation. Hannah went to bed at 23:00, and slept in her new room until 3:30. From then on, she cried a bit, one of us took her out of the bed, she immediately fell asleep again, but that only lasted for a couple of minutes, when the whole game repeated itself. At 4:30, we had enough and let her sleep in our bed. At first we thought she was fully awake (and grudgingly contemplated getting up that early), but then Hannah fell asleep again and slept until 10:30 — a full five hours!
In the morning, we had to wake her; she still doesn't drink much, only 100 ml before washing and 60 ml afterwards.


Normally, Hannah is eating really well. She prefers rice or oat pulp, made with milk formula, mixed together with fruit pulp. She loves mashed banana, too. She is less enthusiastic about the main meal at lunch (e.g. potatoes or pasta with carrots and meat), because it's not so sweet and now also contains some coarse pieces, not just mash. Most of the time, she gets ready-made baby food, sometimes self-prepared organic food.


When her teeth / gum hurts, or when she's very tired, feeding is a laborious task. She moves her head around just when the spoon arrives, tenses up, or plain refuses to open her mouth.

In bed, she always moves her head to the neck and tries to "kiss" the front side of her bed. Most of the time, she also falls asleep in this position, so though it looks quite uncomfortable, it probably isn't. We're trying to get her off that quirk by putting a teddy bear next to her head, so that she can use teddy's legs, arms and ears to suck on.

While we're at it, here's another funny picture. We dressed her up in that thick snowsuit when we went for a short walk in the pram. Snow had fallen the night before, and some snowflakes were still falling from the sky.


Hannah's sleeping schedule is now stable. In the evening, we put her to bed around 21:00 and offer her a bottle of milk. She either falls asleep while drinking, or some time later, but all on her own. Occasionally, she wakes again (often before midnight), sometimes she cries a little bit. If she doesn't fall asleep a few minutes later, we console her, and most of the time that's it.

In the morning, she wakes up around 8:00. She gets a milk bottle, and then we usually all get up, so Hannah gets washed and dressed, and sits at the table while her parents have breakfast. Sometimes, Hannah again falls asleep after drinking her 150 - 170 ml of milk, and takes a nap for another hour (or two). In the morning, Hannah is playing on her blanket or on the sofa. Around noon, she gets her lunch meal. In the afternoon, she is put to bed for a one-to-two hour nap. After that, she gets another two meals (mostly rice pulp with fruit), until it's time for bed again.

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