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Since two days ago, Hannah has been irritated again, has little appetite, prefers water and milk over baby food. (Yesterday she drank 300 ml apple juice with water!) Fortunately, her sleep is still pretty solid. But she really gets on our nerves during the day. Hopefully, the first tooth will appear soon; one can already feel a slight hump on her lower jar.

Today, we dressed Hannah up in those beautiful (and expensive!) clothes sent by grandma Yoshiko and aunt Kayo from Japan. She looked really cute in those clothes, and once again really enjoyed being photographed. Mommy then took her to a meeting with other mothers. But before lunchtime, she was back in her usual attire. Guess why?


This is how we found her this morning…


Hannah's first tooth has appeared! Finally, one has to add. It had looked as if the first tooth would appear soon in her sixth month, and she has had swollen red cheeks and little appetite on and off for the last couple of months.
We had already felt a little bump on her lower jar, but now the spoon made out of Melamine resin made a clicking sound during feeding, and yes — the jagged tip of the left lower incisor is visible through the gum.


We got diapers of a different brand from another mother (whose child had grown out of them). Even though they are specified for the same weight range (4-9 kg, vs. 5-9 kg for our current brand), they do not work. Hannah's had a damp body several times now, and developed a slight sore around the thighs. Even though we've been changing more frequently, the absorbent material between the legs contracts when filled with pee, and then additional fluid can escape towards the legs, even though the rearward part is still empty.


Lying on the belly, Hannah is able to rotate herself (anticlockwise) in order to pick up toys or to turn to her parents. Today, she did a full 360° rotation in about a minute.


This is the third day that Hannah wakes early in the morning (before 6:00). We fetch her from her bed, put her in ours, and give her a bottle of milk. After emptying 170 ml, she then usually falls asleep again (and so do we ;-). But today, daddy got up early.


Hannah is progressing just by the book: We read today that many 9-month-old babies begin to move by pushing themselves backward while lying on the belly, and our lively girl is now doing just that! She moves herself off her baby blanket until she reaches the window, the loudspeaker (Where are those voices coming from?) or any other obstacle. She even tried reversing into under the cupboard (and daddy now really has to secure all the cabling under there).


Yesterday, Hannah went to bed early, but woke us up in the middle of night with a sudden fever (39.4°C). It's her teeth again. We gave her a suppository and took her into our bed. Unfortunately, she kept us awake throughout most of the night, alternatively wide awake, weeping intensely, or lightly sleeping. This morning, she awoke with flush red cheeks.


Hannah still has fever; fortunately, she's taking it bravely and is quite lively during the day, doesn't cry too much. Last night, she slept solidly without fever medication, but still woke up with 38.4°C. The doctor's office says that many children currently suffer from fever.


Hannah still had fever in the morning, 38.4°C. Went to see the doctor. Hannah cried when some blood was drawn from her finger, and cried even more when the doctor listened with a stethoscope. Fortunately, it's nothing more than a virus infection. Currently, a particularly persistent virus strain is making the rounds.
Hannah only slept for short periods in the baby sling during the day. In the afternoon, her fever suddenly subsided, but her appetite has yet to return. In the evening, she was in a tired-excited mood, sometimes happy and hyperactive, then suddenly starts weeping.

She went to bed early and we thought we're through with this sick period. But just when I went to bed around midnight, Hannah suddenly started screaming as we'd never heard her before. A really high-pitched shrieking sound, without interruptions, only periodically Hannah started breathing hard as if she didn't get enough air. Big tears fell from her eyes, it was heartrending. And we were totally perplexed and clueless, her physical appearance still totally normal, no fever at all. We tried to console her, carried her around, tried to distract her, to no avail. Had the doctor overseen anything? Is it some serious condition, after all? We examined her throat, eyes, ears with a flashlight, pored over our baby instruction books. She really looked okay, but why was she screaming as if she had severe pain?
After 30 minutes, Hannah was still screaming with the same intensity, even though we gave her a suppository. We were so worried and helpless that we decided to book a car and drive her to the emergency pediatrician at the Böblingen hospital. Just as I was ready to go fetch the car, and Yuko was putting her into the baby seat, poor Hannah calmed down. All of a sudden she stopped crying, looked around, gazed at us, as if she wanted to say: "What's up, where're we going this late?"
After a short discussion, we decided to put her to bed and see whether she would sleep. And she did, as if nothing had happened. In the morning, she woke up as usual, drank her bottle of milk, was calm and in a good mood, except that she still looked tired and had a coarse voice.


Nothing in today's behavior reminded us of the sudden pain and screaming of last night. Hannah was active and happy. She's still preferring milk over any prepared food, and ate only a small helping of rice mash with fruit. But she became very active in the afternoon, standing up at the sofa, and for the first time she lifted her pelvis while lying on her belly. It looks as if she'll soon be crawling around!
During dinner, she suddenly pushed herself away from the table, using both hands and (mostly) legs. We were both startled when her chair started tilting backwards! Hannah also quickly realized that she had done something new, something which immediately drew the attention of both of her parents. She's probably not yet able to tip over the chair, but we still tied the chair to the table and will be watching her most closely from now on.

At the end of the day, we had a bath together. All three of us in the bath tub! This time, Hannah never felt uncomfortable during the whole procedure; she really liked it, relaxed in the water, and played with a small ball. Finally, we can again enjoy this together!

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