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day 10 21-May-2008

Breast feeding works — sometimes better, sometimes only for a few minutes. Daddy always waits with prepared formula in standby position, so that a smooth meal and saturation is virtually ensured.

Often a nasty hiccup concludes the meal. And sometimes, the little belly just hurts, and little Hannah then verily proves that despite her size, she can be very loud, too. Gosh, where's the mute button ;-)

day 12 23-May-2008

day 14 25-May-2008

Little babies do not just drink milk and sleep a lot. Sometimes, they keep on complaining and crying. What's wrong? That's sometimes hard to tell. Changed diaper? Check. Offered milk? Check. Massaged belly? Check.
Hannah has had some crying spells, but mostly in the afternoon or evening. But today, she didn't fell asleep after feeding in the middle of the night, and it took us an hour to calm her down again.

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