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After a five-hour train ride, we arrived at Hannah's grandparents in Herzebrock. Fortunately, Hannah was much less reserved than the last time, and soon enjoyed playing with grandma and grandpa. We had very pleasant, mostly sunny and warm weather, so Hannah had ample opportunity to walk around and examine the large garden, splash with water, and dig in the dirt.


Marianne's farm

We were kindly invited by Marianne, a friend of Hannah's grandmother who owns a small farm close to my parents' home. After coffee and cake, we went outside to watch (and touch!) the various animals on the farm.


Another sunny day; Hannah had so much fun!


Splish! Splash! When she sees the bright orange bathtub filled with water, there's no stopping Hannah. She wants to dive right in, and twists and bends to at least get both hands inside to splash around.


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