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Hannah like to play and splash around with water:


This evening, we were visited by Midori and Christian. Though Hannah barely knows them, she wasn't shy or afraid, just eyed them with a critical look when they were seated right next to her. Soon, she started playing games like peek-a-boo with them, or tried grabbing cutlery lying in front of them. She appeared to be very happy that she received so much attention, and enjoyed the responses and light touches from our guests. It seems that her extreme reservation towards strangers is over. Finally!


Today, Hannah firmly decided what to eat for lunch. Mommy offered her rice risotto with chicken, but Hannah declined (she had sporadically eaten bread and rolls throughout the morning) and went to bed instead. After her midday sleep, she was first offered spaghetti with meat sauce, and ate that without protest. Mommy instructed daddy to rewarm the risotto, but Hannah refused to eat it when offered. Instead, she pointed her finger to the empty spaghetti bowl. Thus, daddy had to quickly prepare a second portion of spaghetti, which Hannah also ate up.
At the table, Hannah has started to point her finger towards objects of her interest. She is able to point to her bottle (and accompanies that with a sucking sound), and is able to differentiate between bread and fruit mush, for example.


Hannah is still only eating bread, some banana, occasionally pasta with tomato sauce. She sleeps a lot, and yet goes to bed relatively early. Most nights, she wakes up some time between 3:00 and 6:00; we then offer her something to drink and grudgingly put her into our bed, so that she quickly falls asleep again. Are her teeth still hurting?


Hannah gets around: On Saturday, we joined a gathering of Japanese people organized by one of mommy's friends, and on Sunday, we were invited to a birthday brunch. Fortunately, Hannah is not getting along well with other people and is mostly interested in exploring the new surroundings.


Hannah is trying to speak; she's emulating noises (her favorite: brummm, which can mean aircraft, car, hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, etc.) and signs that we make. She makes these noises without prompting, and even waves good-bye when someone leaves the room.


It is very hot and sticky, and Hannah must have been very tired: Her waking hours were a little more than eight hours (including one hour of baby swimming). Her midday sleep lasted almost four hours!


Hannah has small zits below her neck, probably from profuse sweating over the last couple of days.



Hannah keeps waking up some time during the night, is thirsty, then falls asleep again in her parents' bed. Bad habit, but what can we do?


Hannah was inoculated against measles, mumps, rubella and chickenpox today (her first shot into the upper arm). She again cried during the examination, but less than last time, and we were able to console her.

In the evening, Hannah was greatly motivated to walk. She went from mommy to daddy, back and forth. Without fear or inhibition, she threw her hands up into the air, let go, and with shrieks of joy came walking towards one of us. This went on and on until she was sweaty and tired. We prepared some water for a small bath, then put her into bed early; she was asleep by 20:45.


Now that Hannah has started walking, there's also more potential to harm herself. Today, she toppled over next to the cupboard, and bit her tongue; it even bled a little bit. Fortunately, she didn't hurt herself more seriously.

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