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Daddy has started working again; his parental leave is over (the year passed so quickly). Unfortunately, Hannah had high fever (39.8°C) during the weekend, and she's still sleeping in our bed, which doesn't make for a quiet, relaxing night.


The fever is gone, but Hannah still didn't eat well and was irritated easily. On the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, she barely slept and kept crying madly even in our bed. With a lot of effort, it was possible to console her (showing her the raindrops against the window worked well; there was a thunderstorm that night), but didn't last long. Her mood changed in waves: One moment crying as if she's gonna die, then only minutes later calmly playing with a stuffed animal, even smiling. It didn't seem to be something physical: No sore throat, no firm belly, no fever nor rash. We gave her a suppository after midnight, but that lasted only for about three hours, when she again awoke and started crying. We finally concluded that it may be psychological, that she had nightmares, possibly because daddy suddenly isn't around throughout the day.
To be sure, we phoned the doctor the next morning. He confirmed that her initial fever cannot be related to the inoculation, as its symptoms will only show after 8-10 days, but that there are currently a lot of cases of high fever that suddenly disappears; she may even have been infected during the visit to the doctor (there was another coughing baby). The horror we went through is probably caused by a combination of the receding fever, beginning symptoms of the inoculation and the fears caused by daddy's absence. At least it's nothing life-threatening…


At the city festival today, Hannah had her first French fries. Though she doesn't yet have much appetite, these went down very well, and she demanded more and more. Well, we were happy that she finally got some calories; that's the only reason we offered them to her, anyway.


Hannah is now walking around the living room, from one end to the other, but especially on the sofa, probably because she can always just let herself fall into the large cushions. She's also able to stand on her own for more than a few seconds, and can elegantly kneel down when the walking becomes unsteady.


Hannah is now walking freely around the apartment, following us all the time: From the table to the sofa, to the open window, then back to the sofa.
She is also using several new words: Meeee for sheep, papapapa for tractor, bebe for babys and small children, papa for any grown-up male. She's also picking up new baby signs: I'm done, washing and sleeping.


The grandparents arrived while Hannah was asleep. She almost instantly woke up when she noticed that there were visitors in the house. At first, she only hesitantly peeked at grandma and grandpa from behind the sofa, but after a couple of minutes the temptation of the new toys was too much, and she walked around the sofa, then later happily sat on grandpa's lap.


Hannah has learned new words from her grandparents: Kette and Uhr. She still struggles with Oma and Opa, and often says Papa and something resembling Baba.


At dinner, Hannah wanted to eat carrot salad (made from raw carrots and vinegar). We didn't think that she would actually eat it, but she persistently swallowed little bites (the other half of the rasps went out of the mouth again).


Hannah adds more words and signs to her repertoire, and she has started repeating her name! There's popo (German) for buttocks and popopo (Japanese) for pigeon. Bettchen (small bed), choucho (butterfly), moo (cow), pan (bread), ban for banana. But she still mixes up mama and papa occasionally. (Or we fail to recognize what she wants to express.)
When daddy comes home from work, having ridden his bike, Hannah remembers that he takes a shower, and walks to the bathroom door, making the sign for washing. She then stands at the bath tub and stretches her arm to feel the jet of water, then often joins in for a quick splash in the water.

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