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Hannah has a favorite story to tell (mostly with signs and gestures), which she repeats multiple times per day (often on occasion): Like a safety instructor, she touches the edges of the table and furniture, then makes a grimace to indicate pain, and touches her cheeks or forehead. She really knows where it hurts…
She also anticipates actions by her parents, e.g. she suddenly stands up in her high chair and yells sitzen! while knocking on the table with her fingers, just like daddy usually does.


Hannah's current favorite food: budo (raisins). She demands them for breakfast, tea time, and all throughout the day. Her last "fad food", yogurt, seems to be completely out of fashion; she only occasionally concludes dinner with a little bowl of it.


Hannah starts to speak more than simple words: Mama no, Papa no, Nanna no (means me), also in German: meins, deins.

It all started on the weekend, when she was too excited about grandma and grandpa visiting, and didn't eat enough in the evening. She woke up in the middle of the night and demanded to eat banana. The past 4 or 5 nights, she always awoke early (between 3:00 and 5:00), demanded something to eat, and then didn't fall asleep, but merrily played in our bed, or walked around the bedroom — sometimes for hours. She only fell asleep some time in the morning, or was irritated all day long. Putting her to rest after lunch became a grueling task, too: she is tired, speaks of Bettchen herself, but as soon as one wants to leave her alone in the bed, she jumps up and starts crying. If one remains next to her bed, she initially stays calm, but instead of falling asleep starts to become active again, gets up or even starts talking.


Hannah finally is able to say "grandma" (Oma); however, the mixes up the phonemes and says Moa instead. It took us a while to recognize what she meant by that…


Hannah is teething again. The last few days, her head was unusually warm, and her cheeks often swollen. She has less appetite, requires more attention than usual, and her sleep is less deep; also shorter midday naps. Last night, she awoke early in the night, crying. We had to give her a suppository against the pain; she wouldn't calm down otherwise.


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