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It's still difficult to put Hannah to bed, and it can take an hour. She's selective in the location (Hannah no Bettchen vs. Papa no Bettchen), and when moving, insists on taking her pillow and teddy with her; otherwise, no deal. She also insists on being put to bed by mommy, daddy won't do anymore. And she associates eating banana with being in bed, so she often demands banana (in addition to the customary trinken), even when she had just finished eating.


Hannah is finally acceding to our exhortations to have her teeth brushed each evening after dinner. (Not that it would matter much, as she usually demands a banana as a nightcap when finally going to bed (which is still too late, between 21:00 and 22:00)). As a reward, she gets to see some YouTube videos about animals or trains; the following is one of her favorites:

She really doesn't mind watching the same videos over and over again; in fact, in a presentation about various animals (and the sounds they make), she regularly announces the animal next in line seconds before it'll actually appear on the screen! She's really glued to the computer, and we're met with tears and fierce protest when we tell her that the show is over.


Hannah didn't get a Niccolo (as she is pronouncing it) yet. (Instead, daddy savored the fine chocolate.) By way of compensation, daddy spent extra time reading with Hannah in the afternoon.


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