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Hannah is now featured in Care the World, a Japanese-language non-profit organization for overseas expatriate families.


We introduced Hannah to numbers by counting her feet and hands. When putting on her socks, daddy would say: Eine, Zweie, and Hannah soon understood. Hannah doesn't yet count by herself, but mentions Eine when holding up one sock. She also is able to complete counts; e.g. when daddy says: Eins, Zwei, Drei, Hannah responds with Vier.


Hannah's vocabulary is getting longer. This morning, she started referring to apple juice as ringo juusu, instead of just saying ringo. She also knows both German and Japanese words for many objects, and uses the appropriate one when addressing her parents, or complements one mentioned word with the corresponding translation.


This morning, Hannah saw the small HP logo on my T-shirt and recognized that my laptop is of the same make; prompting her to repeat laptoppu. Some days earlier, she saw another logo on my sleeve and mentioned Bio; it was the same as the "organic produce" sticker on the bananas that she eats.

At lunch, Hannah somehow brought up Kindergarten, and remembered that daddy had told her about growing up, because she continued with Schule.

There's a lot of snow in Germany, and the weather report promises (or threatens, depending on the point of view) even more. We went out for Hannah's very first sledge ride. She was very calm on the sledge, just savoring the ride. Only when we stopped would she exhort daddy to continue pulling: Mehr!.


Just as her parents went to bed, Hannah noticed and started whining. So we did what eventually happens every night: We took her to bed with us. At 3:00, Hannah woke us up, wanted to drink, then eat banana; but she barely consumed anything. She looked disturbed, wide awake, and was talking profusely. She may have had elevated temperature. There were bouts of crying, then she suddenly became calm again, only to refuse lying down and begin weeping again. It took her drowsy parents half an hour to calm her down and get her to sleep again. My oh my.

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