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Even though Hannah is still suffering from a cold (lots of green slime oozing out of her nose), putting her to bed has become very easy. She doesn't need a bottle any more, and most of the time, one can leave her room immediately after putting her into the bed and turning on her music box. (Okay, especially in the evening it may take one or two more short visits to her room to console her when she's standing in her bed and calling out for Mama or Papa.) What a great relief!


A couple of months ago, we were anxious that Hannah is eating enough, and tried to convince her that she tries cheese and sausage on top of her buttered bread. Now we seem to have the opposite problem: Hannah is picking the slices of salami and Gouda from her bread, then insists on a refill of the toppings. In the end, she only eats a fraction of the bread, but two or three times worth of topping.
She especially likes to spread jam on her bread (and her fingers, and her face…) Sometimes, it's hard to discern whether she just wants to play, or whether she actually still is hungry.


Hannah is finally staying in her own bed for the entire night. The first couple of nights were stressful, having to go her bed several times to console her; she didn't understand why we didn't just took her to Papa no, Papa's bed. On the third night, she finally slept through the entire night without waking us.


Hannah's vocabulary keeps growing. Just as well, there are now some words that neither mommy nor daddy understand: Berkosch, Schokobiber, Lokkolendgi, Hannah bombat. What do they mean?

She also starts building small sentences, such as video minno, hoshi ringo taberu, o mizu trinken (sometimes mixing German and Japanese in them).

We have a small puppet called Bernd das Brot, which (in the accompanying television show on the children's channel) speaks in a deep baritone. Daddy started impersonating Bernd when playing with the puppet, emulating the deep voice and slow speech. Hannah picked this up and now emulates Bernd, too, by lowering her voice and speaking the same phrases (like Hallo, Hannah!, [Ich will nicht] Zähne putzen!) that daddy put into Bernd's mouth. That's quite funny to listen to!


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