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Hannah is really into copying her parents' behavior. Cleaning, cooking, and now she's into making pancakes, using anti-slipping rubber duckies from the bathroom, a plastic spoon and a small dish.


Hannah's hair is very long (see the photo above), and she still has the tendency to smear everything that's sticking to her fingers into her hair. Enough's enough, said mommy, and today took her to the hairdresser around the corner. Now she's all neat and tidy again. A whole new look; daddy was very surprised when he came home from work.


At lunch, Hannah invented a word on her own: Schnudel. She had been using the Japanese prefix shiroi (white) for food like rice (shiroi gohan), to express that she wants it pure, without sauce. Today, she combined shiroi with the German Nudel, and soon shrunk the difficult shiroi Nudel into Schnudel. Happy about her new creation (and the funny reaction from her parents), she kept demanding more and more Schnudels!


Hannah's grandparents and uncle Benni are in for a visit!


With marvelous sunny weather, we spent the next day at the zoo in Stuttgart.


Time passes so quickly, and soon our guests have to leave for the long trip back home.

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