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Happy birthday! Hannah was very excited about the various greeting cards and presents. Last time, she hardly realized what happened, but this time, she frequently mentioned about her tanjō party. Daddy had baked a birthday cake, and Hannah unwrapped the doll from grandma in Japan, and impatiently watched as daddy assembled the magnetic blackboard.


During lunch, Hannah wanted to eat yesterday's lasagna leftovers. However, she mixed up the syllables and pronounced it salaniel. We all shared a hearty laugh because it sounded like Hannah's favorite salami.


On Whitsunday, we've been invited to a barbecue at Yuko's friend.


We had sushi again, and Hannah ate lots of it. In fact, she demanded more nori leaves and rice, enveloped it herself, and put in into her mouth. Finally, she ate pure nori, without any rice. The next day, she remembered and asked for more nori.


When put to bed for her midday nap, Hannah started singing la-le-lu, and managed to repeat the second line of the first verse, too. It sounded like nu-de-man-imo-schaut-zu, quite like the original Nur der Mann im Mond schaut zu. Hannah was laughing about that, then quickly fell asleep; she had eaten two full halves of pizza rolls beforehand, almost as much as her parents.


We spent a sunny day with many Japanese friends of mommy in the Black Forest.

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