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Hannah starts learning the alphabet. Her first letters: Maus-S, Maus-M, Y-Ypsilon. She starts recognizing those letters at the table, and then points them out.


Despite the noise from the public viewing of the World Cup 2010 right next to our apartment, during the entire week, Hannah has spent the night in her own bed, and her sleeping schedule has been very stable.


We went to the Kuppinger Bauernmarkt, and our friend Tom made some nice photos with his DSLR camera (even though Hannah was shy as usual and made it really hard for him to catch her smiling).


For the first time, Hannah pooped into her potty. During the hot summer days, she walks around in the afternoon without a diaper. Most of the early afternoon, nothing happens at all, but later, the continuously has the feeling that "something's coming", only to let go of a few drops of pee (if at all). But we figure that's all part of potty training; she has to learn to listen to her body's reactions and acquire a feeling for her bladder and bowel.


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