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Hannah is growing up: today, she counted from four to nine on her own, asked mommy bist du dumm? (are you dumb?), didn't want to have her teeth brushed by daddy, neither be brought to bed by him. Sometimes, she want to get something to drink, but only from the one parent, not the other; other times, it's the other way around.


Hannah sudden broke away from mommy's hand, tripped, and fell down a few stairs in the spiral staircase in front of our apartment. Fortunately, she didn't fall all the way down, and didn't injure herself, not even a scratch. She was very startled, though. Hopefully, it'll teach her...


Hannah is eating green lettuce for dinner. She started with the pieces of cheese in the salad, with some vinegar and olive oil clinging to it. But now, she's asking for a fork-load of salad together with her salami bread.


Hannah has a running nose; mommy has it worse, she spent the entire weekend in bed with a severe cold. On the positive side, Hannah gets the luxury of having her midday naps and sleep next to mommy in her parents' bed (daddy then carries her to her room when he goes to bed). On the other side, Hannah usually stays only a couple of hours in her bed, then wakes due to coughing or sneezing, and then alerts her parents to be taken into their bed. This night, daddy dutifully picked her up (she was already waiting with her pillow wrapped around her neck and her teddy in her arm), but Hannah still wasn't satisfied. She wanted to be picked up by mommy, and protested even when she had reached her "goal" of sleeping between mommy and daddy. All arguing that mommy is still weak and wasn't able to pick her up wasn't accepted.
Parenthood: Having to argue drowsily in the middle of the night with your sickly two-year-old daughter ;-)


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