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Since it started snowing in the morning, there was a lot of freshly fallen snow. After Hannah's nap, we went outside for a spontaneous sledge ride. Though Hannah is dressed in her snow suit and covered with a blanket, she really didn't like getting thick snowflakes into her face. So this activity is mostly only physically exhausting for daddy, and an okay means to bide the time until holy night for Hannah.


In the evening, Hannah is asked to tidy up and put all wooden building bricks into the bin. She responds to the request with Ich kann das gar nicht! (I cannot do this!) and Mach Du mal, Papa! (You do it, daddy!) and offers: Ich halte den Eimer fest! (I'll hold down the bucket!) Is this just the fantastic creativity of a child, or is she destined for a management career?
PS: When I go over to the laptop to note her remarks, she retorts with: Papa, nicht arbeiten! (Daddy, don't work!)


After watching the famous EepyBird Sticky Note Experiment video, Hannah tried it herself:


Hannah had a running nose, occasional coughing, and other cold symptoms for the past few weeks. It went on and off, and fortunately never had a real impact on her. This day, Hannah's body apparently decided to fight off the viruses once and for all: She was weak, had light fever, and no energy. We already feared that the cold had turned into an infection of the middle ear (and that during the public holidays, when the local doctor was unavailable). However, on the next day, everything was fine; Hannah's body had completely rid itself of the disease.


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