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Kindergarten seems to have increased Hannah's threshold for getting tired. This Saturday, she refused to do her midday nap. We put her to bed, but she just spent about an hour calmly in her bed, and then called us to fetch her again. It was apparent that she hadn't slept at all. The same happened on Sunday (only she didn't wait so long in solitude). It appears that just spending the weekend with us, with playing, painting and short walks, doesn't tire her enough to warrant a nap. (I don't think it's so exciting being around us all the time.)


Hannah is playing more and more with language: In Japan, she invented a new word, gattern, by which she meant the clanking sound that the buses make when they drive over bumps in the road.
Then, on the dinner table, she exclaimed: Ich bin die fertigste!; counting who finishes when seems to be important to her (though she often claims impossible positions, like fifth when there's only three of us).
Her English lessons in kindergarten also bear fruits: She volunteers I'd like to eat ice cream and inquires the favorite food from others via Yuko, I'd like to eat?


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