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From kindergarten, Hannah picks up words that she clearly didn't hear at home. She talks about Actimel (a brand-name yogurt) and Spi-doh-man. On the other hand, some stuff originates from home, such as her computer-speak; to mommy: Du must das doch erst neu installieren!


It's tedious, but apparently, there's no way around: Each morning, noon, and evening, Hannah first collects her "extended family" of plush toys (counting between 5 and 15, depending on who can be found) into her cart, pushes that cart from her bed to the living room (or back), and unpacks all of them.
Though she's grown to nearly one meter, there's still plenty of space in her bed, but she steadfastly fills every square inch with her animals, neatly putting them to bed… every midday nap and evening!


Today, game play must have been a bit tough. All on her own, Hannah suddenly fell asleep while playing inside her cave.


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