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Today, we drove to an open house at Häussler, a manufacturer of semi-professional baking ovens.


Today, after the weekend, Hannah gets to celebrate her fourth birthday in kindergarten, too. Mommy has prepared 80 round mini pizzas, and a little paper bag with two chocolate cookies for each child.


With perfect weather, we spend the afternoon at the kindergarten summer barbeque. At the beginning, all children presented a performance about a fairy tale of a mono-colored people that suddenly turned colorful, and the resulting challenges of "being different". Then, there was lots of play, coffee & cake, and finally a little bonfire and barbeque.


Today, Hannah spent a day with daddy at the office; her first impression of life in a cubicle farm. We had lunch at the canteen, then Hannah "worked" some more (mostly by watching children's videos from the Internet).

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