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Today, before the European soccer championship's half final of Germany vs. Italy, there was an after-work party on the central square. Hannah enjoyed the scene, and danced like a pro.


Hannah is able to do basic addition. During our weekly call with grandma, she talked about a girl age 5. Hannah remarked: And when I am 5, she will be 6.


Hannah wants to sleep in our bedroom, and regularly moves in during the night. It's hard to stop this, and who wants to argue in the middle of the night?


Today at the supermarket, after being pulled out of the shopping cart (which she just barely fits in now), Hannah dropped her bag with her teddy inside. When we were already in the elevator, she realized that and ran back to fetch her teddy, which was just six meters away. Then the doors of the elevator began to close, with both of her parents inside… She really started to panic that moment, turning back, screaming teddy!, looking at us. We blocked the door, it opened again, and Hannah fetched teddy and ran back; nobody was hurt.

As Hannah explores her freedom and independence, she's now getting into situations like that. When we play hide-and-seek, she gets into these moments of where is mommy? realizations, too. This is what growing up is about.


At age three, Hannah wanted to do everything on her own, and was proud of the things she could already handle. Now, every request is met with I cannot do this, I need help, somebody needs to do this with me…. Interestingly, some things she can do well in kindergarten, she demands help with at home. Maybe this is a yearning for the gone baby age, a kind of inner struggle with growing up?!

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